The Landing Town Center

The beating heart of The Villages at Stonehill is the new Town Center, which will include new retail stores, beautiful promenades, restaurants, and local businesses. Located just across the street from the Emerald Park, it’s the perfect place for a bite to eat after a nice evening stroll. Stay tuned as we will continue to provide updates about this future center-piece.

We look forward to adding more information here as we continue to develop the Town Center.


\ 'st-o-n hil\  Liberty Lakes newest upscale cool place to be part of.

Cirque:  \'sǝrk\  Steep walled basin created by moving glacier

Commons:  \'kä-mǝns\  Collectively owned

Pinnacle:  \'pi-ni-kǝl\  Highest point of achievement

Terraces:  \'ter-ǝs, 'te-rǝs\  Colonial